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Kevin Deacon
16-Aug-2001, 17:23
Does anyone have experience with the StopClock Professional product from RH Desi gns. It appears to be a high quality digital enlarger timer with the ability to use fstops for exposure. It also features drydown compensation along with other cool features. Here is the address for the website: http://venus.nildram.co.uk/r hdesign/

I am waiting on delivery of an Omega D2V enlarger and need a timer. I did go ahe ad and order the timer with the ability to return it in 14 days if not completel y satisfied.

I have read several articles on fstop printing and this seems a reasonable way t o work in the darkroom.

I will post my experiences with the StopClock Professional once I am able to get a feel for it.

I appreciate all responses.

Doug Paramore
16-Aug-2001, 23:23
Kevin: Let us know how it works out. If your enlarger is equipped with a cold light head, make sure the digital timer can handle a cold light. Some can't.


Martin Jangowski
17-Aug-2001, 05:48

Paul Butzi has a review of the StopClock on his homepage

http://www.butzi.net/reviews/entimers.htm#RH Designs StopClock Professional

I bought the Analyzer 1997 and love it!