View Full Version : Differences between Sinar F and F1

Paulo Ogino
17-Aug-2001, 00:21
I'm planning to buy a Sinar camera body, but I have many choices of prices and m odels. Specially a Sinar F and a F1. The F is a lot cheaper than the F1, and I n eed some technical advice. If possible, I would be grateful if I get some ideas on lenses and backs. Thanks

David E. Rose
17-Aug-2001, 12:42
The original F had plastic focus and locking knobs vs. the rubberized knobs on the F-1. It also had shorter rods on the front and rear standards (for rise and fall). The longer rods give more total movement, but the amount provided by the F is still plenty and it makes for a smaller package. The tripod mounting block is smaller as well to go with the shorter rods- again more compact. The one thig I am not sure about is if the F has the DOF calculator. If it doesn't, that would be a shortcomming. Otherwise, if you can find an F in good condition, it's a logical way to save a little money over buying the latest design.

ed kang
17-Aug-2001, 17:06
The Sinar F has a DOF calculator.