View Full Version : Cokin P series holder inside a Cambo compendium hood

7-Mar-2009, 13:17
I am in the process of buying a filter set (only polarizer & B&W filters), and could use some advice:

I am considering a cokin p-series holder, but my camera is a Cambo SC,
and I recently bought a cambo compendium hood whose inner dimension is 120mm square.

Will the Cokin P-series filter holder fit inside?
On the cokin website they only show the outer dimensions of the X-pro holder.

If anyone can measure the outer dimensions of the P holder I would really appreciate it.

Thank you for the info.

7-Mar-2009, 13:50
My P series holder is 96mm wide, 95mm high, 21mm thick. & 109mm measured diagonal...Just remember, you need clearance to screw it into the lens.
The only filter i have is the double exposure,
it measures 98 x 84 mm, 129mm diagonal.
If needed maybe you could also mount on the rear of the lens.
Or just hold the filter in front.
Cokin makes a shade also.

8-Mar-2009, 10:59
thank you very much for the info.

From the measurements I am taking, it seems like it will fit, but I don't think that there is enough space to put or remove a filter with the compendium attached.

Anyways I would have to set the holder and filters first, and then attach the compendium. It should work. Thanks again!