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7-Mar-2009, 12:12
I think my Cambo SC has a light leak. I`m using it with a used lether wide angle bellows.
I`ve noticed it with 4x5 and with a 6x7 back. So it can not be the film holder:
4x5: http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w9/hansmoleman_01/9.jpg

6x7: http://i172.photobucket.com/albums/w9/hansmoleman_01/licht.jpg

Where do you think that the light is coming from? Maybe bellows?

7-Mar-2009, 13:54
And this could not be lens-flare ?

For the bellows:

- set the camera on a tripod without the back panel end the lens panel
- darken the room
- take a flashlight, use it on the outside of the camera en look inside.

If you have a lightleak you will see it.

Good luck !


Gem Singer
7-Mar-2009, 14:20
Looks like a small opening in the seam of the wide angle bellows, or a leak where the bellows connects to the camera back. Also, check to make sure that the WA bellows is fastened correctly to the front standard.

7-Mar-2009, 16:39
The bellows can be checked pretty reliably in the method suggested by the prior post. The streaks you've shown suggest something in the dark slide area to me, though, like maybe there's a seating issue, if its happening with 2 different holders. after checking the bellows, insert the holders and do the same flashlight check for leaks.

Good luck,

8-Mar-2009, 02:00
thank you, I found about 3 small openings in the seam of the wide angle bellows.
Like this one:
Can i use some strong glue to fix it?
Or maybe I should use a duct tape to fix the whole length:

8-Mar-2009, 02:10
Glue I'd say-
Try to pick it apart even more.
Not sure about the right glue for leather though-

You might never have noticed it if you'd used the camera with the seam underneath-


8-Mar-2009, 05:01
Normal contact cement glue is good for leather. It is elastic and has a good temperature range of use eve in the outside freezing weather. A tape made of fine leather would be sufficient.

8-Mar-2009, 07:03
As above, glue and RE-CHECK (!)

And while you are at it: check all the seams, if one is a bit loose glue in that way you have a bellows thatyou can reley on.

Good luck !