View Full Version : Help? which is a better deal or neither is a good deal?

6-Mar-2009, 13:10



6-Mar-2009, 13:18
It's like comparing chalk & chees.

Only you know whether you're best with a Monorail or Field camera. If you shoot in a studio the Sinar, for portability and landscape work the Deardorff.


6-Mar-2009, 13:25
thanks , I was more interested in seeing if these kits were priced well or overpriced

6-Mar-2009, 13:28
Both are nice kits! The Sinar is definitely a studio beast, although I wouldn't call my Deardorff lightweight by any stretch. I can't stand monorails in the field, although I'm sure someone here lugs their 8x10 Sinar F up mountains. Both are great deals *if* they go for something near the starting price.

6-Mar-2009, 13:30
There is no information if the Rodenstock lens is an old convertable Sironar or the latest APO-Sinonar N, or possibly something even better.

I suspect that the Deardorff will go at a price a bit higher than the minimum bid, the Sinar, maybe garner no bids at all.

6-Mar-2009, 13:36
The Sinar is a deal at $950. The lens is worth a minimum of $250, $70 for the holders, $50 for the head, $75 for the case, $70 for the holders, $15 for the darkcloth--that's less than $500 for an 8x10 Sinar!

Robert Fisher
6-Mar-2009, 13:47
those are starting bids - final price is unknown

personally I wouldn't have a F Sinar but I LOVE P/P2's - but that is my opinion

6-Mar-2009, 13:49
The Sinar package went unsold for $950.

6-Mar-2009, 13:57
those are starting bids - final price is unknown

personally I wouldn't have a F Sinar but I LOVE P/P2's - but that is my opinion

The auction for the Sinar had finished when you posted, it went unsold. The Sinar is impractical for anything other than studio use which was why I said you had to make up your mind what type of camera you wanted before deciding if it was worth buying.

Nice as the Sinar was there are any number of excellent monorail cameras selling for lower prices, if that;s what you decide you want but you had 9 minutes to decide when I answered earlier :D

You need to be certain of what you want as the outlay is only just starting when you buy the camera, darkslides, film etc aren't cheap for 10x8.


6-Mar-2009, 16:45
Thanks All, Can't decide if I want a field or monorail

emo supremo
6-Mar-2009, 17:33
Just as an aside, could anyone knowledgeable explain why someone in the studio would spring for the F discussed above when there is a P not much different in price offered for sale on the net. What is the siginificant diference (s) between these two if your please.

tim o'brien
6-Mar-2009, 23:39
Thanks All, Can't decide if I want a field or monorail

To be honest... the Deardorff's movements will approximate just about anything you want to do with a monorail. Many, many catalog houses used the Deardorff as their studio cameras.

As far as price? You can do better but you better be damned good as a bottom feeder. I picked up a very nice 8x10 with two lens (190mm Ektar, 300mm Ektar), two backs(8x10, 5x7), splitter bars, and case for $1550 a year ago. I am an extraordinary bottom feeder though. I think what they are offering is quite fair and you will be amazed at the quality and usefulness of the Deardorff.

tim in san jose

7-Mar-2009, 03:41
Emo, there is a big diference between the Sinar F and the P(2).

The P2, I have one the full 8x10" version is much more stable and durable.
The P2 standards allow you a much more precise adjustment of the satndards.

If I would need an extra standard I to mount 2 bellows behind each other I would use a F standard.

The F is the beginners camera and the P2 is the professional version.
The F is lighter and less expensive than the P2.

Both will take allmost all Sinar goodies like bellows, rails and what ever.
The only exeption are the rear format frames, those differ.

Be aware that there are 3 F versions: the F, the F1 and the F2.
Go the Sinar site to see the diferences: www.sinar.ch (http://www.sinar.ch)


Brian Ellis
7-Mar-2009, 09:44
So far it looks like the minimum bid on both is too high. The Sinar auction ended with no bids and there are no open bids on the Deardorff with two days left to go. On my monitor the pictures of the Deardorff are too small to get a good idea of its condition but from what I can tell it looks like it's about in average condition for a Deardorff, i.e. not mint, not excellent, but not a beater either. Since the condition of the lens isn't described, I'd place no value on it. The two 8x10 Deardorffs I've owned were my all-time favorite wood cameras but I'd ask the seller more questions even if I was willing to pay $1500, especially about the condition of the base to make sure there are no splits in the wood or splits that have been glued, and of course about the lens.

Without knowing more about the lens and having a better idea of the camera's condition I think that in today's market a $1500 minimum bid is too high for this Deardorff. The fact that holders are included is nice but you're really buying a camera and lens, the other stuff is gravy.

I'm not very familiar with Sinar prices but a camera this big and heavy is going to have trouble finding a home at almost any decent price these days. Most studio photographers don't use 8x10 film cameras any more and most amateurs tend to be outdoor types and this definitely isn't an outdoor camera.

Of course having said all that the Deardorff will probably sell for $2000 and the Sinar will go back up and sell for more than its minimum bid. : - )

You say you can't decide if you want a field or a monorail. Why? What kind of photography do you do? If you're a studio photographer a monorail would be a good choice. If you're primarily a landscape or other kind of outdoor photographer who walks any distance at all most monorails aren't a good idea IMHO unless maybe your outdoor photography is mostly architecture.

9-Mar-2009, 14:27
The Deardorff sold with one bid of $1499. Not to me, but I thought it was a fair deal. It was quite a late camera, its condition seemed to be solid, and those 14" Ektars usually fetch a handsome sum.

10-Mar-2009, 14:35
thanks all
I went for the Sinar Kit, it had everything except the tripod. I worked a good deal with the seller off Ebay. I just couldn't swing the $1500 for Dierdorff.