View Full Version : Are"Topcon" lenses multicoated? (They were marketed with Horseman cameras.)

Howard Slavitt
22-Oct-1998, 00:10
Horseman marketed a series of "Topcon" lenses with its line of VH/VHR/980/985 6 x9 field cameras. Does anyone know if they were multicoated? How does the qual ity compare to Nikon/Rodenstock/Schneider lenses? (I know coverage isn't as lar ge, but assume I will be using them for the 6 x 9 format.)

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
7-Nov-1998, 00:44
Can't give you a yes or no, but in general the big difference seems to be between un-coated and single-coated optics, although obviously the more elements in the lens, the greater benefit to be gained from multi-coating. Are you happy with the quality of your chromes or prints? If so, why worry?