View Full Version : Comment on Apo symmar 150mm

14-Aug-2001, 04:11
Guys, I'm about to buy this lens for my cambo wide (with focusing mount). I know that I can't do any movement whatsoever with this lens with the cambowide body. But I am interested with other people's experince with this lens. For instance, is it sharp like mamiya 6/7 lenses? I have the 47mm XL for my cambo and I know that t he images from my mamiya 6 are far sharper to say the least. Any comment regardi ng this lens will greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Paul Schilliger
14-Aug-2001, 08:46
Renee, I have had that lens for almost ten years and it has always made me very happy. Tiny and light. The only complaint is with the Copal who got a sticky opening ring, but nothing to do wit h the lens itself. It is a sharp lens on LF lenses standards, and contrasty. But dont expect any LF lens with per haps the exception of the "Digitars" series to match the sharpness of your Mamiya!

Paul Schilliger
15-Aug-2001, 04:18
Errata: should read "sticky SPEED ring" above!

neil poulsen
21-Aug-2001, 09:31
If you're talking about 4x5, I don't understand why you can't get movement with your Apo-Summar 150mm. You should be able to get about a 1.5 inch rise with this lens.