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4-Mar-2009, 17:57
Can one of you guys tell me how much developer to put in a 10" Unidrum for an 8 x 10 negative, I know there are many post on this, I just shoot my first 8 x 10 negative today and don't want to screw it up,

Thanks John

4-Mar-2009, 19:56
I just need to know how much--fluid--I know what to mix


Pat Kearns
4-Mar-2009, 21:12
I use a beseler drum and I use 1:9 dilution of tmax rs developer for 4 sheets of 4x5 film equaling 10 ounces. Ten ounces of each chemical has resulted in satisfactory results for me. Of course, YMMV.

4-Mar-2009, 21:20
Thank you, Mr. Kearns

4-Mar-2009, 22:12
I used 10 ounces, on one 8 x 10, Have a very good looking negative

Thanks Again

Pat Kearns
5-Mar-2009, 11:41
I used 10 ounces, on one 8 x 10, Have a very good looking negative

Thanks Again

I forgot to mention that my developer is used as one-shot method. Glad it worked out for you.

Michael Heald
5-Mar-2009, 20:59
Hello! I use a Unidrum with a Unicolor motorized alternating roller. The 8x10 will develop four 4x5 negatives; the 11x14 will develop two 8x10.
I use TMax RS.
Using the 8x10 drum, I use 135cc of liquid for one shot developing. I'm sure that I could get by with less, but this workied well, and an ounce of developer is cheap.
For the 11x14 drum, I double the amount to 270cc.
Both these quantities work very well. I've never had uneven development. Best regards.

Michael A. Heald

6-Mar-2009, 15:53
the answer is that you should put in enough chemistry for the size and amount of film you have in there. For instance - Agfa Rodinal is recommended at 10ml per 8x10 sheet (or 5x7 sheet, 2 4x5 sheets, etc). So if you're doing 1+100, then you make up 1010 ml of working solution and pour that in. Now, that's a lot more than the 135ml and etc that others have said, but that's how much you are supposed to use. Note that many go as low as 3-5ml of Rodinal per 8x10 sheet.

So that's the math, really. You can get away with basically the minimum amount of working solution that contains the minimum amount of developer per sheet.

6-Mar-2009, 21:00
Ok, I did exactly the same thing I did last night, nothing but a transparent negative??

10 ounces 1 to 1 developer
8 min for dveloper
1 min for stop bath
5 min for fixer

I have tried 4 times, nothing but clear transparent negatives, ???????

Michael Heald
6-Mar-2009, 21:28
How are you shooting the negatives and what developer are you using?

Michael A. Heald

6-Mar-2009, 22:35
for the total amount of fluid, I've been using 310ml of fluid, never had any problems with HC110 and Rodinal.

7-Mar-2009, 03:35
Sheet film, 8 x 10 & 4 x 5

Ilford Ilfotec DD-X

29-Jul-2018, 17:15
Resurecting an old thread, lately I've been developing 2 8x10 sheets of HP5+ (at 200 EI) on an 11x14 unidrum, using 10 oz of HC-110 Dil B (10 ml concentrate to 310 ml water) for 6 minutes. I slow down the Uniroller 50% using a dimmer. I got a Zone I density of 0.09 and a Zone VII density of 1.19, which suits me just fine. I do two 1 min presoaks before the developer and 1 min water between the developer and the stop bath. Just thought I'd pass these results along, your mileage may vary..........When I have 6 or more sheets, I use 1 gal tanks, Dil B or H, but I like being able to develop 2 sheets at a time with such a small amount of solutions.

3-Aug-2018, 13:11
Thanks for that - I may try it with 5X7 film.