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Phil Brammer
14-Aug-2001, 03:59
I am about to make my first prints on ilfochrome, using a 5x7 enlarger and a cap 40 processor. Does anybody have some simple and effective way of hloding paper f lat? I will be using 16x20 and 20x24 and i am planning on making a vacuum easel for large (50") prints, format 6x17cm.

How "curly" is ilfochrome when first removed from the pack? would just a frame m ade from thick cardboard be ok and no vacuum for the smaller prints, and what su ggestions would people have on the construction of my vacuum easel for the large r prints?

Gee i ask lots of questions....!

any help would be great!

PS cheers to the LF BBS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chauncey Walden
15-Aug-2001, 00:53
Phil, I just stuck half inch squares of double sided poster tape on my easel at the corners and the center. A light touch on the paper holds it flat. Chauncey

Marcus Leonard
15-Aug-2001, 08:16
Phill --

I just wet the base board a little, which helps tremendously to keep paper flat. Keep a towel nearby to dry your hands after wetting the board and before putting the paper on it. Good luck.


David Carper
15-Aug-2001, 13:12
One tip that may help: if Ilfochrome is curling up to much for your easel to handle, increase the humidity in the room. Ilfochrome has a very thick emulsion, so if the air is too dry, it will have a very strong curl towards the emulsion side.

David Carper ILFORD Technical Service