View Full Version : For anyone who's thinking about moving into 4x5 . . .

17-Oct-1998, 13:23
. . . or might think about it somewhere down the road in the future, be sure to pick up the November issue of Popular Photography (yes, Popular Photography!). T hey have a very good introduction to using a view camera and a pretty comprehens ive and even-handed survey, with photographs, of 18 4x5's under $1850. Experienc ed LF pros will doubtless nitpick with some of the comments and ratings (esp. re garding their own cameras!), but for everyone trying to find their way around in the confusing sea of LF gear and technique, this issue is an excellent entry po int.

Maybe it will become an annual feature....

sheldon hambrick
17-Oct-1998, 19:59
I must agree. I too was surprised. This is one issue worth buying.

Ron Hughes
16-Nov-1998, 10:17
Could someone let me know how/where I can obtain a back issue or reprint of this article, please? NB - I'm in the UK.