View Full Version : Kodak Technidol Liquid Developer

shadow images
3-Mar-2009, 14:19
Anyone know the shelf life of this stuff and are there any uses beyond techpan film?
Got a lot from a local lab and don't know what to do with it.

erie patsellis
3-Mar-2009, 16:31
try it with lith film, you may have to experiment, and if you have enough it would save you quite a bit.

Gary Beasley
3-Mar-2009, 17:38
If you have any Konica 750IR left it works well with that, giving a modest speed gain and better control of the contrast. Use the same dev time as Tech Pan.

Eric Woodbury
3-Mar-2009, 18:27
How's the color?

shadow images
3-Mar-2009, 23:35
How's the color?

Haven't opened any. May just dump it if I can find out its good.