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Stefan Lungu
3-Mar-2009, 12:39
Ok, so I am about to start developing on my own. I plan to start with roll film, shot with the Horseman back and then go to 4x5. After all, that is my final destination and that is why I got my LF gear. I got myself a Jobo 2523 tank and a 2509 for the 4x5 and a normal reel for 120 film. So, can I start developing with only this tank or do I really need a roller base ? Right now I have not enough space to start thinking about a CPA - that might come in the future.
Another question is the developer : I am used to Delta 100 that was processed by the lab until now, so I would want to stick with that for the time being, since it is available both in 120 and 4x5 size. What is the most idiot proof, easy to handle, one time developer that gets decent with the Delta ?

Thanks for any advice

3-Mar-2009, 13:06
FWIW if you like Ilford films I would start off with Ilford HP5 or even Kodak Tri-X not Delta 100. You will find that these films are much more forgiving of exposure and developing errors than Delta 100, and in Medium Format or 4x5 grain is not going to be an issue.

A great and easy 1 shot developer to use with HP5 (or Tri-X) is Rodinal mix 1ml of it with 100ml of water and develop for 15 minutes or so.

Stefan Lungu
3-Mar-2009, 13:47
I read about FP4 and HP5 being some better beginner films than the Delta 100. The reason I asked is because I still have some rolls left of Delta 100 and 400 and wanted to first try these out, since I already have them at hand, and after that go up to the 4x5 sheets, point being doing one new thing at one time. But, since Rodinal seems to be one of the cheapest developers out there, and since the 2523 takes a lot of chemicals if you don't rotate, it sounds like a good idea to start with this kind of combination. Refinemen can always come later, for now I only want to see it work.

3-Mar-2009, 14:01
You can invert the 2523 but you should stick something in the opening. The 2521 would have been better with it's red stopper.

3-Mar-2009, 14:14
A Unicolor or Beseler motor base would be a option.

shadow images
3-Mar-2009, 14:21
You can roll the tank on a counter w/o a roller base.

3-Mar-2009, 14:29
A Unicolor or Beseler motor base would be a option.

Not an option with the short Jobo tanks. At least, it was not an option for me. The Jobo 2551/2553 tank is perfect with either motor base.

Stefan Lungu
3-Mar-2009, 14:33
One of the problems is that over here in Germany I did not find many motor bases, that is one of the reasons I wanted to avoid them if possible. The problem with the inversion is that I think that would be about 1,5kg inverting - might be good for the gym. Guess I have to bite the bullet, try it out, and see what I can do from there.

3-Mar-2009, 14:36
A board and some skateboard or roller skate or furniture caster wheels will work. Build it yourself.

Vlad Soare
4-Mar-2009, 08:32

I use a Jobo 2521 (or perhaps 2523? I always forget which one is which) tank with a 2509n reel without a motor base. I simply roll it by hand, back and forth, in a tray filled with tempered water. It's that easy. A motor base is nice to have, but you certainly don't need it.
Make sure you have the 2509n (note the n!) and not the 2509. There's a big difference. The 2509 had some problems that were solved by the newer 2509n.

You can use the 25xx tank with inversion agitation. Weight is not a problem, but the amount of chemicals might be. It takes 1.3 liters. I have used it with inversion when I did some stand and semi-stand developing with Rodinal. It worked like a charm. Even if the tank has no water-tight cap, I used my gloved hand as a lid. Worked perfectly.

5-Mar-2009, 11:09
another option if the tank becomes heavy/awkward would be to purchase a 2 reel SS 120 film tank (http://macodirect.de) and do the 'taco' method. Plus if you get two reels you can develop 2 120/220 rolls at once. You wont be able to get as many 4x5 sheets in the 120 tank but...its an option and maybe you can save up/watch the auction sites for a roller in the EU


9-Mar-2009, 12:24
I have just failed to develop a decent Delta 100 with Rodinal 1+25: far too clear, even for snow. I suspect that the time of 8:30 is too long, or is it the water stop bath that is not fast enough?
Could, someone, recommend the correct processing time, based on first-hand experience?
Thanks, Serge

NB: CPP2 with Jobo 2553

9-Mar-2009, 12:33
A board and some skateboard or roller skate or furniture caster wheels will work. Build it yourself.

I did exactly this at the weekend. I was having issues developing with a 2521 / 2509N and inverting so I picked up 4 plastic castors for 2 and screwed then into a short length of 3/4" wood.

First sheets of Delta 100 developed using it ( 12 mins with Rodinal 1:50 20 degrees ), and they've finally come out right. The images might not yet be the best, but now I can't blame the developing.....

9-Mar-2009, 14:56

Thanks for the Rodinal experience. I have some sheets and a 35mm roll of Delta 100 to process. I may just throw them all in Rodinal.