View Full Version : extended c-41 developing w/Jobo CPP2

robert lyons
3-Mar-2009, 09:52
i am about to do my first processing with the jobo,8x10 film and i have some questions if anyone has done this before? i am using the tetenal c-41 kit and it allows for an extended processing at a lower temperature,86 degrees...which i thought might give me more even results. the film being processed is kodak 400nc....

also, the directions state to "pre-heat" the developer drum for 5 mins...i assume this means pre-wetting the film with water for 5 mins at the correct temperature...but want to check to be sure....any advice will be welcomed...thanks all


Robert Ley
3-Mar-2009, 11:50

Preheating means that you put the drum on the jobo and run it in the water bath for 5 min. This preheats the drum, do not pre-wet the film before you put in the developer as it will probably dilute the developer too much. I would recommend using the developer at the proper c-41 temp and go with the standard times. The temp is critical for the developer, but not so much for the rest of the process. I have used the tetanal chemistry before, but prefer fuji hunt chemicals now for c-41 and ra4. much more economical.

With the jobo you will be able to handle the shorter times because chemical handling is so much easier. I assume that you have the lift, if not get one. If you are using the expert drums it should be a snap.
Good Luck, and let us know how things develop :D


robert lyons
3-Mar-2009, 14:13
robert, thanks for the reply.....i had thought the film might also need a pre-wash as i had read about issues with "uneven" development...but for this first run i think i will follow your directions....though i may still use the extended time lower temp....configuration....thanks for your input....

robert lyons
23-Mar-2009, 16:23
ok did my first group of 8x10 negs using tetenal c-41 color-tec chemistry at the lower temperature extended time ....the negatives were terrific...no visible color cross-over, long contrast range and very even development....so now i have a way tom see my results sooner and cheaper......ciao