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Drew Bedo
3-Mar-2009, 09:06
mccormickstudio had a interesting concept that is technologically, and economically not possible. Ok, here is another approach:

A digital video camera points "backward" through the lens board and focuses on a white surface at the film plane. This could be a white scard in a film holder. The camera would connect to some LCD display; maybe a laptop, maybe a portable DVD player...whatever can be made to work.

This is a DIY home workshop approach. It won't give the full pie-in-the-sky features of mccormickstudio's concept, but some of it might be possible. Look what has been done with Blue-Tooth and Wii components to emulate a touch-screen Smart Board.

3-Mar-2009, 09:11
That sounds like it could work...

3-Mar-2009, 09:29
Feasible, and something similar has already been done on process cameras and xerox copiers in pre digital scan-and-print days - some large scale copy cameras had video crop control.


3-Mar-2009, 10:07
Or just a high quality webcam built into the back of the lensboard, wirelessly transmitting to laptop. Not as cool as my dream, though.

... unless said laptop was a screen that replaced the gg...

Renato Tonelli
3-Mar-2009, 15:51
In motion picture cinematography there is something called a "video tap". Directors & producers love it because they can preview the shot and also play it back. I dislike it because it slows production down to a crawl. But that's just my humble opinion.

Drew Bedo
5-Mar-2009, 06:24
Right...the webcam with a tablet style computer....I can't do this but I really wish someone would. This concept could be a direct-viewfinder for the hand-held LF cameras like Fotoman and Hobo. Another application would be in View Camera instruction...put it on a large screen to demonstrate movements to groups.

someone figure out the hardware first, and someone else will figure out the software.