View Full Version : excuse my ignorance...cokin P series

3-Mar-2009, 08:03
Sitting here at work, and wondering if the Cokin P series will be problematic with
4x5 lenses...

right now I have only a 150 and 210, but someday I may get a 90 or 120..
I have a Cokin P series setup for my 35mm, but in my ignorance, have yet to attach it to my 4x5 camera..

I was on the Cokin site and their info shows the Z/pro series for LF.

Louie Powell
3-Mar-2009, 08:22
I use P series filters with my 4x5 camera - 210 and 90mm lenses

The major risk is for vignetting with wider lenses. I haven't had a problem with the 90mm.

The Z/pro series is more expensive, much harder to find, and with a more narrow selection of filters to choose from.

3-Mar-2009, 08:37
I've used the P series with my 65mm & 75mm f8 Super Angulon's & 90mm SA & Grandagon with no problems. I have to admit I've never used them with my 210 Symmar.


Robbie Shymanski
3-Mar-2009, 08:49
I have used it from a SA 90 to a 450 mm Apo-Skopar and never had a problem other than inserting the filter and having it slip into another track on the holder. Or when I should have been shooting with a hood in direct sunlight and the lens bounced off the filter.

3-Mar-2009, 09:12
I use the Cokin P series for all my filters. Polarizer, B&W, ND's. It works on all my LF lenses (90, 150 Sironar S, 210, and 14" Goerz) without vignetting. I've been frustrated by the ever-increasing number of rings I need so a few weeks ago I started using the universal filter attachment for the Cokin P system. It has 3 plastic screws and you screw it around the outer edge of the lens. The down-side is that you need to square it yourself, the upside is that it just works. I'll still use the rings but if I ever forget a ring, it's a good fallback.

The Cokin P allows me to not have a different setup for my MF and digital work.

3-Mar-2009, 09:26
Thanks so much!
I had just received an adapter ring, and was browsing Cokin when I saw thier reccomendations.
Already have several filters and was just thinking, how "it would be my typical bad luck" to have issues with them :)

Pete Watkins
3-Mar-2009, 11:25
If youy're short of time or just a bit idle like me just hold the filter in front of the lens and take the shot.

3-Mar-2009, 12:24
If youy're short of time or just a bit idle like me just hold the filter in front of the lens and take the shot.

:D :D

Last weekend, was out and had some Saran wrap to use for effects, completly forgot to use it.

Lachlan 717
3-Mar-2009, 13:50
P Series in no good if you're using a 90mm f5.6 SA with center filter.

This filter is a massive 105mm (from memory), meaning that you'll actually need the X-Series filters (bigger than the Z-Series).

Guess that you can use a Z-Series filter BluTac'ed to the lens' rim if pushed on 4x5 without the edge showing given the image circle on the 90mm f5.6; however, you'll need to be carefull if employing movements...