View Full Version : Bellows flare Arca-Swiss with Apo Sironar S/150mm?

Marcus Leonard
13-Aug-2001, 00:19
Hi LF-ers,

Bought an Arca-Swiss Discovery (at Photo Gizzmo in NYC, can highly recommend the service by Louis Shu), am thinking about a lens. Inclined to buy the Rodenstock Apo Sironar S/150mm. One last just-to-be-sure question: I most likely will not use the entire large image circle of this lens. Given that, do you have any indi cation that the 75 degree angle of the S would give a noticeable bellows flare, in the Arca-Swiss, in comparison with the 72 degree N? Or is the quality of the S such that I should not even consider the N? After all, people seem to love thi s lens. Thanks.


Ellis Vener
13-Aug-2001, 00:43
It is very doubtful that you'll see any flare from light bouncing on the inside of the bellows. Among other reasons, the Arca Swiss bellows are among the larger sized bellows in 4x5. I really wouldn't worry about it.

Scott Atkinson
13-Aug-2001, 02:41
I regularly use the 150mm Sironar-S with my Arca FC 4x5--both outdoors and under studio lights--and have had no flare trouble at all. Great lens!

neil poulsen
13-Aug-2001, 04:14
I've used a 180mm Symmar-S on my Arca-Swiss which has at least the image circle as your 150mm, and then some. I've experienced no flare problems. One of the reasons I like the Arca-Swiss is because of the oversized bellows, so that the bellows does not come right to the edge of the format.

I had a Linhof Technika on a rail camera in which the bellows was attached just to the edge of the format. I had flare problems with that camera that disappeared when I sold it.

Marcus Leonard
13-Aug-2001, 09:13
Thanks folks, you helped me pinning down my choice for the Apo Sironar S.