View Full Version : need help with right cable release

1-Mar-2009, 13:51
Hi all, recently bought a very nice 240mm symmar s from another forum member that is mounted ina prontor shutter. never seen one of these before, my cable release wont fire the shutter, was wondering whats a good heavy duty release i could get and where can i get it. thanks

1-Mar-2009, 13:55
I had that lens in that shutter and it worked fine with a Gepe like this:

1-Mar-2009, 14:35
Thanks Vinny, just ordered it.

Andrey Vorobyov
3-Jun-2010, 08:51
could you please tell -- does the mentioned Gepe cable release work with your Prontor?

I've recently run into same problem: my Prontor Professional cannot be fired with any of my "normal" cable releases, including Linhof cable; not enough cable throw and not enough power of the cable.


Steven Tribe
3-Jun-2010, 12:48
I take it the original poster was talking about a prontor professional shutter too?
This is the same problem as the copal sinar shutter. They have to cock and fire the shutter. Even if you find an old cable release that works - don't rely on it! The original prontor cable releases are much more solid than the usual variety.

Bob Salomon
3-Jun-2010, 14:00
We still have three of the original Prontor Professional cable releases in stock if anyone needs one. They are no longer made as you have probably found out. As you are in GA you can order these from Photo Barn, Show Case, PPR or Quality Camera in the Atlanta area.