View Full Version : Anastigmat in Compur, what size?

1-Mar-2009, 07:08
Hello! I am new member and I live in Sweden. I am also new to LF photography, just had a breaf encounter with a Linhof Technica 4x5 15 years ago. Today I own a Wista 45 70s. Lovely model with wood venner.
I have one lens that came in a Compur shutter anno: 40s. It's now at a repairman to see if he can rescue it. But I havent figured out the size of it so I now what board to buy. There are many diffrent sizes of shutters I have learned. The retaining ring is 43mm. The lens is a Kodak Anastigmat 6 3/8.

I also just bought a "modern" Sironar - N 150/ 5.6 mounted in a Copal 0. Late 80s. I'll get back to you when I have shoot my first sheets. I just have to get a the right board for it... I know 0# shutter:)

I hope some one can help.

Thanks for now.


1-Mar-2009, 08:11
Hello. Welcome to the forum.

I use a Kodak lens of the same type and era. You'll probably end up liking it a lot. It is a Tessar design and some say it is prone to less crispness on the edge of the frame as a result of that. I've never noticed it to be objectionable. Mine is uncoated so is sensitive to flare. I use a lens hood and that generally keeps flare under control. I've shot both B&W and color transparency with good results.


Gene McCluney
1-Mar-2009, 10:15
Unless your lens is in a Copal (brand) shutter, then you will probably have to have a custom hole cut to fit your Kodak lens. You can start with a board that has a hole for a copal 0, or 00 and cut a larger hole.

Glenn Thoreson
1-Mar-2009, 10:24
Your lens/shutter will not conform to modern sizes. You will just have to drill a board to fit. As mentioned, you can get one with a smaller hole and enlarge it.