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Brian Wallen
1-Mar-2009, 02:15
SORRY: Thread should be Reflex and Magnifying Viewers Survey

To feed a growing interest in exploring different kinds of alternatives for groundglass viewing I thought I would create a page that summarized those options for different cameras. I've had help from a couple of people here and invite anyone else to correct and supplement what they see. I've already created an additional details page on one accessory back and I am willing to do that for others who would like to provide information in greater depth, for example descriptions and shots of modifications you have made to adapt Viewer A to Camera B.


Paul Ewins
1-Mar-2009, 02:41
FWIW, here is link to a short page of mine that details how to adapt the Polaroid MP4 reflex viewer to the Speed Graphic.


1-Mar-2009, 02:52
Very comprehensive and useful information-
thanks for that-


Brian Wallen
1-Mar-2009, 03:57
Paul, thanks for the link. I had seen these available on eBay. Your how-to makes it easy to see how to adapt this to Graphics and probably several others. I've added an entry.