View Full Version : Graphic Kowa 210

27-Feb-2009, 15:08
Hello, I have another value question. I have been presented with an offer for my graphic kowa 210 len and I am having a hard time finding any past sales prices, The lens does unscrew on the back. I have always got great info from all of you. I just want to let you know I appreciate that. Thanks, Kathi

Don Hutton
27-Feb-2009, 15:26
Does the front element unscrew? If it does, it'll add a lot to the value. If not somewhere between $100 and $200; if it does, at least double. Very nice 8x10 wide angle lens - much nicer in a shutter. If it does not unscrew (front element), it's an expensive job to mount it ($300ish) plus the cost of a shutter. In shutters, these have gone for anywhere between $400 and $800.

Jon Wilson
28-Feb-2009, 21:02
If you can easily remove the cells from the barrel, then they should be a direct fit into a copal 1 shutter.

Gene McCluney
28-Feb-2009, 23:12
From the photos, it doesn't look like the front cell is removable from the barrel in the normal sense.