View Full Version : Alternative Lenses for 4x5 RB Graflex

Frank Petronio
27-Feb-2009, 14:26
I have a D coming, with the pre-190 Ektar, the 7.5" Projection Anistigmat.

If I don't care for that lens (which I doubt I will be, just wondering) what other interesting lenses would work well with the old RBs?

(This is a serious thread, not about guns or reading glasses, so please give me the respect I so dearly deserve!)

27-Feb-2009, 14:47
Keep looking for a 190 Ektar -- I've never felt the need for anything else.

Frank Petronio
27-Feb-2009, 14:59
I suspect the 7.5" Kodak Anistigmat is the same lens as the 190 Ektar with a bit more haze, a bit older and uncoated...

Walter Calahan
27-Feb-2009, 16:21
I modified an RB to take an Aero-Ektar. It cannot focus to infinity with that lens, but what it does do, it does very well.




Have fun.

Glenn Thoreson
27-Feb-2009, 16:34
A projection Anastigmat is not what it would have come with originally. though it's likely a good lens. If it doesn't do the job, either try for an Ektar or even a number 32 Kodak Anastigmat. The one with seven reflections. A 210 mm Caltar IIE f/6.8 would be an excellent choice, and inexpensive. You can get these in a barrel version, as they made to be enlarging lenses. Until someone saw what they would do on the camera. 72 line pairs at f/16 is nothing to sneeze about. Actually a Rodenstock Geronar.

Jason Greenberg Motamedi
27-Feb-2009, 17:28
I had a 8" f2.9 Dallmeyer Pentac on mine. Nice and fast, but not very sharp and the bokeh is a bit busy...

28-Feb-2009, 15:21
the 21cm 3.5 tessar works great.
rr barrels work well too, i use something between 180 and 210 ..

Don Dudenbostel
28-Feb-2009, 16:03
I have several Graflex cameras and most came with Zeiss Tessar lenses or Kodak variations. My super D has the traditional Ektar which is a Tessar. I've seen some with Cooke lenses, Dagors which weren't standard but almost any lens of the correct FL that can mount on the board will do. For fun I mounted a 200mm Rodenstock Imagon in a compound shutter on a board for my long bellows tele and love using it. For the 4x5 look for a 250mm Imagon.