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27-Feb-2009, 10:29
Hey guys,

So I need to get a #0 lens board for my Cambo Cadet, I'm getting into product photography and I want the movement capability... But I can only find reasonably priced recessed lens boards, is there any reason why I shouldn't use one of these on my 150mm? Let me know!


27-Feb-2009, 10:41
But I can only find reasonably priced recessed lens boards, is there any reason why I shouldn't use one of these on my 150mm? Let me know!

There is no reason you can't. Resessed boards have their place but come with some additionl challenges. The reasons you might not want to use one when you don't ahve to are: (a) more difficult to read/adjust shutter settings and (b) might need a right-angle/flexible cable release adapter.

Personally, I'd opt for paying for a buying new flat board rather than using a recessed board, unless the recessed board was free.

Vick Vickery
27-Feb-2009, 10:47
While it will work, I think you'll be disapointed with the recessed lensboard since your aim is to fully utilize the movements built into the camera. The recessed lensboard will make all movements off centered with your lens and will make keeping focus much more difficult and time consuming. You should be able to pick up lensboards off of eBay in the $20 to $30 range if you are patient...I've never paid over $25 for any of my Cambo boards, but I tend to set a limit and stick to it 'till I win one.

Another thing you can do: If you have a lensboard with a large opening, say a Copal 3, you can easily glue a 1/8" piece of plywood from the local hobby shop onto the back of the board inside of the light-trap groove and drill it to any size you need. Very easy to do.

Gem Singer
27-Feb-2009, 10:49
A recessed lens board should work okay with a 150 and shorter. They are usually milled for Copal 0 shutters, only.

Check with K.E.H. You might be able to find a previously owned Cambo flat lens board at a reasonable price. Look for 34-36mm openings. Those are for Copal 0 shutters.

27-Feb-2009, 10:52
Yeah, thats where I found the Recessed, they have them for 30$ or so, but to buy a new flat board I'm looking at 90$ ish.... Which hurts.

27-Feb-2009, 11:01
$90? where did that number come from??

Brand new from Calumet is $45:


EDIT. Unfortunately you might need to call to find out what they mean by "Ships Call for availability". Perhaps not a good sign. Oh dear.

27-Feb-2009, 11:27
I don't know the Cadet line of cameras as well as I should... but isn't this what you are looking for?


Vick Vickery
27-Feb-2009, 15:31
Brian, the old Calumets take the 4"x4" boards, the new rebranded Cambos selling as Calumets take 6 3/8" square boards.

28-Feb-2009, 16:18
Vick, I think we're both wrong. Aren't the Cadet boards around 5 inches.

1-Mar-2009, 08:31
From hte Grimes web site:


4.85" square metal board with 45 degree chamfered corners. Overall thickness .12.

The picture makes them look like a flat board, so maybe making one is an option.

Vick Vickery
1-Mar-2009, 16:13
How 'bout that...I thought the Cadet took the same board as the 45! :( Oh, well...I need to show my ignorance now and then just to stay humble! :)