View Full Version : Printing fun...Kozo Mulberry paper

26-Feb-2009, 20:44
Visited Bostick and Sullivan today, bought some Pyrocat, a Bromoil chemical kit and on impulse, some Heavy Kozo Japanese Mulberry paper.

Having done that, the question is.....

What to do with the Kozo paper ?? :D :D
(yes I like the horse before the cart trick)

Also, thought I might try some portraits and still life to use as images.
Might even do the saran wrap or vaseline on the lens image softening too, lol.

Open to suggestions for coating the paper.

Any examples someone might have to show?

clay harmon
26-Feb-2009, 21:10
I am using the Kozo for a lot of my work. My suggestion is to double coat it, with the first coat diluted 1:1 with distilled water, and then a full second coat. Let it sit for a minute after each coating and then set the coating solution with a warm hair dryer. Let the paper thoroughly rehumidify to the 40-50% range before printing to achieve the best blacks. When you hit it it right, it is like velvet.

Check my website for the 'telos' gallery. All of these are printed on full sheets of 22 x 28 lightweight Kozo.

26-Feb-2009, 21:29
Thanks, Clay. cut and pasted your reply into notepad :)
Made a quick visit and read your entry on the process.
Thought I would cut the paper into managable sizes, and also include at least one attempt with Cyanotype, and some "liquid light". A professor in one my classes recently bought some of the liquid light product, so maybe.. if I wave some paper in Her direction.... :)

Will now have to read up on, and get some chemistry for the other methods.

Do you think it will be suitable for the Albumen process?

clay harmon
27-Feb-2009, 04:48
I think the surface texture will be a little rough for albumen. Most people seem to use thinner paper with a plate finish for albumen.

27-Feb-2009, 08:06
ok, thanks. I have Christopher James's book, will be reading it quite a bit. I can see there is going to be a lot of practice involved.
Some Bergger COT 320 paper is also in the order.

Colin Graham
27-Feb-2009, 09:15
Works nicely for kallitypes too, with no prep. But the stuff I have is from several years ago, not sure if it's the same as the new stock.