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Raymond Bleesz
10-Aug-2001, 11:31
I have in my possession a book entitled, "The Fifth International Photographic S alon of Japan", 1931----under the auspices of the all Japan assoc. of photograph ic societies in the Asahi Shimbun--Tokyo & Osaka.

As a probably rare book, it may be of value, however, I'm more interested in its history, the going ons in Japan at that time and any other pertinent info.

The forward info in the book is interesting--apparently the salon started in 192 7--the 1931 exhibition had 4580 entries and a total 713 entries were selected fr om 39 countries-----selected items came from the Royal Photographic Society of E ngland and from the collection of Dr. N. Perscheid of Germany (?????????---any i deas who Perscheid was?). I did not recognize any names from the USA entries, ho wever, Lotte Jacobi of Germany had several entries, as did Frank Drtikol of Czec h. Perhaps with further research, I will be able to identify other photographers .

I would appreciate any suggestion re: Japanese authorities on this book/subject matter or for that matter, Dr. N. Perscheid of Germany.

Thank you for taking an interest--------Raymond

pat krentz
10-Aug-2001, 13:12
You might check the History Channel or E-bay. Pat

Bill Hahn
10-Aug-2001, 15:16

I poked around a little bit using www.google.com, and I think the photographer in question was Nicola Perscheid. Apparently there is also a kind of large format lens named after him. Do a search for Nicola Perscheid on www.google.com and you may be able find out more.

I saw listed at least two photographers who were students of his, and he was very active in the 1930's. If I had seen a definitive biographical site, I would have give it here. Lots of hits on his name in anthologies for sale, or listed as teacher, or as a type of large format lens. (Even got a shutterbug ad!)

Perhaps a German speaking large format photographer will relieve our ignorance....


10-Aug-2001, 18:43
Try this link ;


for a good guide to the history of Japanese photography.