View Full Version : Glass film holder

26-Feb-2009, 13:17
Does anyone know where to buy or how to make glass film holders for a 4X5 view camera?

Bob Salomon
26-Feb-2009, 16:50
THe discontinued Linhof Glass Plate/Sheet Film Holder had a spring loaded plate to adjust to the difference in thickness between glass plates and sheet films so it could accommodate both.

The HP Combi Plan T processing tank has reversible end plates. The curved grooved sides facing each other accept sheet film the straight grooved sides facing each other accept glass plates.

David Karp
26-Feb-2009, 16:59
I think I remember reading somewhere that Slavich makes them, so perhaps try Freestyle in LA. Also, check APUG.org. There are threads there on this topic.

Gene McCluney
26-Feb-2009, 18:26
You'll have a harder time finding glass plates to expose, than you will be finding glass plate holders. Your best bet is to learn to make emulsions and coat your own glass plates, IF you really want to shoot on glass.