View Full Version : Korona 5X7 and Copal #3

M Pienta
25-Feb-2009, 17:58

Does anyone know if it is possible to mount a #3 Copal Shutter on a Korona 5X7 Lens Board?

I'm thinking of trading my 8X10 Camera for a 5X7 Korona and want to make sure it is possible to use a 240 APO Symmar with 3# Copal Shutter.

Thanks for your time.

Michael pienta

Jon Wilson
25-Feb-2009, 18:02
It will. I have had one before. There should also be sufficient bellows draw for that lens. BTW, if you obtain the 5x7 Korona, send me a pm if you need some lensboards for it. I believe I have a couple of them. Jon

M Pienta
25-Feb-2009, 18:19
Hello Jon,

Thanks for the reply. I will contact you if I purchase a 5X7 Korona.


Rafael Garcia
25-Feb-2009, 19:51
There are at least two lensboard sizes for Korona 5x7 cameras, but both will take a #3 Copal.