View Full Version : Kodak Readyload film holder newstyle?

David Harris
10-Aug-2001, 21:16
I decided to try the newstyle readyloads even after being severely burned by the old style. My order arrived today and I find that the filmholder is identical ( # 157 2502) to the old one. What happened to the 'newly designed filmholder' or did I just get some old stock from B&H?

Brian Ellis
10-Aug-2001, 21:19
It hasn't been released yet. Kodak was saying it would hit the stores in September or thereabouts, last I heard.

13-Aug-2001, 16:40
Ask a Kodak rep for the new holder and some film for a test drive. Cheers,

Michael Kadillak
14-Aug-2001, 19:19
I also ordered what I thought was a new Kodak holder only to find that I got the older design. Are there sufficient improvements with the newer version that I should return this one and wait till the new version comes out? In the interim, will my Polariod 545i be able to allow me to use the Kodak single sheet readyloads in the interim?

David Harris
14-Aug-2001, 19:28
I addressed the question to Kodak, her is the reponse.

The holders you have will work fine as long as they have the black pressure plate. The New Kodak Single Sheet Readyload Holder will be out on the market next month. There is no need to upgrade unless you really want the newest holder.