View Full Version : Shneider Kreuznach Symmar convertible lens. 1:5.6 / 240mm 1:12 / 420mm Copal 3 lens

25-Feb-2009, 13:32
Any opinions on this lens. I am thinking of buying a kit from a fellow Large format member. Its an 8x10 Calumet with this lens.


25-Feb-2009, 13:35
Excellent lens. Mine is in a Compur 2, which is a PITA.

AJ Edmondson
25-Feb-2009, 16:18
The first 240mm I bought for 8x10 was a Symmar in Copal 3 and I didn't keep it long because there wasn't much coverage. I subsequently traded it for a 250mm Wide Field Ektar (even though I hate the #5 shutters). You might want to check some of the websites for max coverage.