View Full Version : Studional and large format processing

andrea milano
10-Aug-2001, 07:54
Dear All, does anybody have any experience with this developer, have you got other diluiti on/developing times for 8x10 tri-x other than the too short 3 minutes suggested? any ideas? please do not guess but just provide facts if in your possession, I can guess on my own....... Thanks!

Chad Jarvis
11-Aug-2001, 15:26
Awwww... but so many others can guess for you!

candy Popp
7-Oct-2001, 01:23
I've been using studinol and 4 or 41/2 minutes are working for me. H2o at 70ish degrees, but on ilford film. So maybe that won't help, but you might try adding on time in 30 sec untill you get close. What's 10 sheets of paper. Good luck.