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25-Feb-2009, 07:53
Hi all,
I would like to buy some hybrid Large Format system that accepts film and digital back (in the future) and that will work with the same lens. I have a limited budget, about 2000 euro. I will use particularly for landscape. I appreciate any advice.

25-Feb-2009, 10:35
You may be better off investing in a medium format film system that accepts a digital back. I am not familiar with all large format digital backs, but the ones I have looked at require house power to operate. They don't work on batteries. I know someone will prove me wrong.

Good luck.

25-Feb-2009, 13:02
Just bring a gas generator with you, and you'll be fine! ;) J/K

25-Feb-2009, 13:05
Yep. I was thinking about an RV with propane generator, maybe a little Honda gas unit for backup, and about a half a mile of extension cords. Piece of cake, hey?

Joe Bossuyt
25-Feb-2009, 14:08
Hello zpe,

What film format are you thinking of using? 4x5 sheet film and/or film packs? 120 roll film?

Studio or field use? Do you shoot architecture? Landscapes?

What digital back format are you considering?

Kind Regards,


26-Feb-2009, 07:45
Hi Joe,
Thank you for your answer. I am wondering between LF 4x5 and Hasselblad 501 (or 503) Kit. Recently I saw an offer for Silvestry H25 Kit. I will shoot Landscapes.

Thank you in advance

Joe Bossuyt
9-Mar-2009, 22:51
Hello zpe,

Sorry not to respond back sooner. I am not receiving forum response notices from LFPF in my email for reasons I have not yet to figure out.

The answer is really that there is no perfect one camera solution really available to you at your stated budget level.

Since you are zeroing in on just landscapes. and have a budget of only 2000 euro, I would recommend sticking with a used Hasselblad 500 or EL series as a solution. In doing so, you may have the opportunity later on to add a used Kodak DCS Pro Back Plus as an in the field digital back solution along with a Quantum battery pack for the necessary power requirements sometime in the future.

I know there will be those who disagree with this digital back as a proper choice because Kodak has discontinued any repair service on them, but Midwest Camera Repair has taken over that function when/if required.

The only drawback here is the ability to use really wide angle lenses or getting wide angle views later with an inexpensive used digital back since the sensor in the case of a Kodak DCS Pro Back is 36mm x 36mm resulting in a more cropped or telephoto viewing angle.

And St. Ansel did some pretty nice work with a Hasselblad in the field.

Of course the main focus of this forum is Large Format so I would consider the Toyo Field, or other such camera, even a used Crown Graphic, based on your stated budget.

Just a few thoughts, if you are still deciding on a camera format.

Kind Regards,