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Paul Giblin
9-Aug-2001, 20:39
For the amidol users: what do you regard as a standard (or starting point) dilut ion for amidol, and what is the range of results one can expect by changing dilu tions. (If it matters, in my case the Amidol would be one of those available fro m Photographer's Formulary, and it would be used with Azo.

Thanks, Paul

pat krentz
10-Aug-2001, 01:20
Peckham's Amidol is used undiluted. Pat

Ed Buffaloe
10-Aug-2001, 09:34
I find most amidol formulas (like Ansco 113, or Weston's formula) a bit contrasty when used straight, so I usually dilute them 2:1 (2 parts developer, one part water) or 1:1, depending on the paper and the contrast of the negative I'm printing. You can dilute 1:2 (1 part developer, 2 parts water) if you need even less contrast--I haven't tried dilutions any higher than that.

If you get to the point where you want to mix your own, I recommend Samuel Fein's formula--it uses benzotriazole instead of bromide and gives a remarkably different color. I'm not sure how Azo would respond to it.

Brian Ellis
10-Aug-2001, 21:44
I'd strongly urge you not to use the Photographer's Formulary Amidol formula and instead use the formula provided by Michael Smith in one of the Amidol articles posted on his web site. One of the criticisms of Amidol has been its short tray life - about two hours. That is the case with the Photographer's Formulary Amidol that I first used. Michael's will last much, much longer. I usually put 1 liter in an 8 x 10 tray and it lasts for a five or six hour session. Unless you like really short darkroom sessions, it's much more convenient and much less expensive to use Michael's formula.

I'm not sure I understand what you mean in asking what dilution of Amidol people use. Amidol is a developer that consists of various chemicals including, but not limited to, Amidol itself. You mix the chemicals in whatever quantity you want (one liter, two liters, etc.) and the use it straight. Michael Smith's forumla for 1000 liters of working solution is: 1 liter of water, 30 grams sodium sulfite, 3 grams citric acid, 2 ccs of a 10% solution of potassium bromide (e.g. 10 grams of potassium bromide to 100 mls of water = a 10% solution), and 8 grams of Amidol. The 10% solution doesn't have to made up every time since you use so little of it. Michael's formula is very similar to the Photograher's Formulary version except as I recall theirs doesn't include the citric acid and (again from memory attending Michael's workshop several years ago) it's the citric acid that allows for the much longer life of his formula. You can purchase all of these chemicals from Photographer's Formulary or other chemical supply places less expensive than PF.

Michael A.Smith
12-Aug-2001, 23:30
The best formula for Amidol with Azo is posted on our web site in the article I wrote on printing with Azo. Brian has it right for 1000 cc, but if you increase the quantity, the proportions change. See the article. www.michaelandpaula.com

the best place to buy Amidol is Artcraft Chemicals: 800-682-1730. Call between 6:30 and 8:30 eastern time.

Incidentally, we are now Azo dealers. See full explanation on the site under "Azo". I'm happy to answer any questions if you e-mail me direct. We'll be away for 2 months and it will be impossible to get to the web, though we will be getting e-mail every two weeks or so.

Michael A. Smith

Michael A.Smith
13-Aug-2001, 07:07
Whoops. The time to call Artcraft should be between 5:30 and 7:30 eastern time.

Michael A. Smith