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ari velazco
24-Feb-2009, 21:30

I previously bought a 121mm F8 SA from a fellow forumer here for my Deardorff 5x7. When i attached it to my camera, as i begin to focus... i could not get it to focus to infinity as the bolts under the rear standard hit the metal parts of the front swing, preventing it from moving closer and focus to infinity. I measured from the GG plane to the tip of the front standard where the lensboard rests and its 150mm.

Should I just shave off some metal of the front swing or just order a recessed lensboard with atleast 30mm-35mm of clearance?

My concern also is that if i get a deep lens board such with a 30-35mm clearance, i might have a hard time tweaking aperture/speed with a large front element.

Thank you very much.


25-Feb-2009, 00:14
You are into trouble.....
Try ebay for a cheap one and test.
If you have enough room around the shutter it might work.

Shaving of a part of the camera is NOT the best option.


ari velazco
25-Feb-2009, 02:44
Thanks Archphoto, I already ordered one and hope that it works. I had the metal parts refinished and wouldn't like to see it just shaved off. Thank you for saving me from that thought.

Steve Barber
26-Feb-2009, 09:34
Perhaps you have already tried this, but, if not, it might help. Take a look at the wide angle position shown in the picture:


ari velazco
26-Feb-2009, 18:31
Steve, you are a life saver. Geez, now i could even pass infinity with this configuration.

Thank you very very much!


Steve Barber
26-Feb-2009, 21:24

You are very welcome, glad it helped.


emo supremo
8-May-2009, 20:38
I have a Wista type recessed board with a strange projection for the release projecting out front. My Fuji 60mm and Super Angulon won't fit in there (the fuji's shutter closure won't close).
1. New Lens?
2. Some special source of a cable for these linholf with the projected cable mounts?
3. Is there such a thing as a right handed cable?