View Full Version : 9x12cm for linof tecnika

22-Feb-2009, 17:45
can anyone advise me please i purchased what i know is a old tecnika thinking i could use 5x4 sheet film! i was then advised that the camera would need modifying (using mpp parts )to be able to accept 5x4 film! can i use a5x4 film holder ? and would a 120 film back fit on? very confused help is appreiciated.

22-Feb-2009, 19:41
Do you know which Technika you bought ???
Can you post a picture here ?

Dit you get any cassettes with it ?

23-Feb-2009, 02:50
International/Graflok holders have identical outer dimensions for 4x5" and 9x12cm (and there are plenty of matching roll film holders about as well). If your camera has some other back attached (earlier Technikas sometimes were fitted with Millionfalz backs, and some have odd custom attachments), you would have to get hold of a International back.

For mid to late models, you can still get replacement parts from Linhof, at a price. And for most models, International backs show up quite frequently on ebay and in used camera stores.


23-Feb-2009, 03:34
You can also buy 9x12 film from freestyle (efke B&W 100 only, alas).

23-Feb-2009, 06:45
thanks for your reply.i,ll post a picture in the next few days, i got 2 cassettes with it ,each for 9x12 film .i think its a tecnika 3 9x12 cheers