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22-Feb-2009, 17:22
Hello Everyone.

I am looking to get a 4x5 camera but am having a very hard time being able to tell what types I will be able to sync with my strobes. The camera I am most interested in is a Tachihara 4x5 but nothing I read has any mention of it being able to sync.

I need something with plenty of tilt/shift movement that is able to sync with studio strobes. The less expensive is good.

22-Feb-2009, 17:26
With LF, it is generally the shutter that you'll need to look at to determine if it will x-synch to your strobe. Most (if not all) of the modern shutters will, via a standard PC terminal. Some of the older shutters might offer both M and X, while some of hte even older shutters might not offer sych at all.

22-Feb-2009, 17:42
Ok, so I should be looking at lenses that are compatible with the body I want for flash sync. Thanks for the help.

Gene McCluney
22-Feb-2009, 19:25
Yep, mostly the flash-sync on a 4x5 view camera is a part of the lens/shutter. There are 2 types of sync-cord connector for view camera lenses. The older style is the bi-post, and the newer style is the PC. With the older bi-post you would have to purchase a short adapter sync-cord to interface with modern studio strobes. Not a problem still being made.

On big old honkin' wood studio cameras (generally larger than 4x5) sometimes there is a shutter behind the lens in the camera called a Packard shutter, and these also came with flash sync, or were adapted to flash-sync if used in a studio situation.

But, all your "modern" 4x5 monorail or field-type cameras would use lens/shutters that have the sync in the lens/shutter.

26-Feb-2009, 12:10
Any recommendations? I was thinking 150mm but not sure which brand is a good combination of HQuality and low price.

26-Feb-2009, 12:18
I dont' know anything about this person or his partular lens, but something like this should fit your needs quite well:


26-Feb-2009, 12:48
I haven't been around for 30 days so it wont let me into the for sale section... Bummer.

I did find this CALTAR II-E 150MM F/6.3 COPAL 0 , on ebay for $200. Thats the price I want to pay but I know nothing about that brand.

David A. Goldfarb
27-Feb-2009, 06:32
Caltar is Calumet's house brand. The lenses are made by major manufacturers like Schneider and Rodenstock, and there are some older Caltar lenses that were made by Ilex. The Caltar II-E lenses are current budget priced lenses, Tessar types made by Rodenstock, I believe.

Generally, one of the attractions of large format is that you can use more or less any lens that can be mounted physically to the camera. There is no question of brand compatibility between lenses and camera bodies. Lenses come in various standard shutters, and the lensboard is drilled or machined to fit the shutter. If the shutter is a modern Copal 0, 1, or 3 shutter, you can usually find a pre-drilled lensboard to fit.

In your price range, I'd look for an older 150mm/5.6 Schneider convertible, or maybe a Sironar-N or Caltar II-N (the latter two are the same lens, but the Caltar is usually less expensive). These are modern plasmats that are sharper corner to corner than Tessar-types, and that have a larger usable image circle. Later multicoated versions will have slightly better contrast, but earlier single coated versions are fine lenses at an excellent price. They all have PC sync terminals for use with flash, and leaf shutter lenses will sync with strobes at any speed.