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22-Feb-2009, 13:25
Please excuse my silly questions, I have the sum total of one week's LF experience.

I am using a Toyo 45C with a recessed lensboard and a 90mm f8 Super Aungulon.

Being a convert from MF, my filters are Cokin P's are these suitable please.

Also, would the modular Cokin hood work with LF.

Thanks & kind regards


Joanna Carter
22-Feb-2009, 14:08
It is doubtful if Cokin P filters will be big enough, especially for something like a 90mm lens. Most LFers use 100mm square filters which equate to the Cokin Z-Pro series. The modular hood is not available for the Z-Pro system, you would need to use the bellows hood that goes with that system.

22-Feb-2009, 14:11
Yes, you can use your P sized filter holder and filters with LF lenses as long as you can find a ring to fit them. Your Super Angulon is 67mm? 67mm Cokin P rings are readily available. I use them up to 77mm on my Mamiya.

Be wary of vignetting with wide lenses, however.


The Cokin hoods will also work with just about any LF lens.

Singh Ray makes high quality ND and other filters that fit the Cokin P and Z size holder. Cokin's ND filters are not of very high quality and can tint your color film work.

Darren H
22-Feb-2009, 16:42

I use my Cokin P set up with my 4x5. I do not have a problem with any of my lenses (75mm, 125mm and 210mm). Now all of mine have 67mm filter threads and they work fine. No vignetting on the 75mm even with a regular P holder.

Where I run into issues is trying to use a compendium lens hood as it does not work with large filter like the Singh Ray ND grads. I have an Arca-Swiss and it has one of the larger compendium hoods and no dice. So given the choice between the compendium or the grads, I'll take the grads. I suspect most compendiums will be the same.

Now a Lee hood might work as a shade.

Good luck!

25-Feb-2009, 23:42
Cokin P's work on my Caltar II-N 90mm 4.5 which uses an 82mm adapter ring...
I just leave the ring on the lens since it's the same size as the outer lens diameter...
This 82mm adapter ring would appear to be the biggest Cokin could produce since it's only about 1/16" wide on it's face..I wouldn't use a Cokin hood on this lens...