View Full Version : chemical stains on carpet!!!!!!!!! help

David Ivison
8-Aug-2001, 07:10
i carried a print upstairs after a very quick rinse under the tap and now there are dark grey spots (drips) all over the carpet!!!!!!! what do i do? what are th ey and most important, is there anything that will get them off? please help me! !! I use Dektol and a citric acid stop and a rapid fixer.

paul owen
8-Aug-2001, 11:54
David, NOVA Darkroom sell Tarbuster, which is good for getting rid of stains on all sorts of surfaces! Try on an inconspicuous area first!! Regards Pau

N Dhananjay
8-Aug-2001, 12:03
Club soda... I kid you not. Even gets rid of wine stains. DJ

Pete Watkins
8-Aug-2001, 13:36
As you're in the U.K. try phoning Prochem on 0181 (this is the old code for outer London numbers, you will need the new code) 974-1515. The specialise in carpet cleaning chemicals for professionals. Good luck, pete.

Jorge Gasteazoro
8-Aug-2001, 14:22
yeah, and do it before your wife sees them.....:-))

J. Wolfe
8-Aug-2001, 16:56
I've had good luck with most everything on carpet using denatured alcohol. Try it in an out of the way place first.

Struan Gray
9-Aug-2001, 07:22
Mix up some bulk chemistry and stain the rest of the carpet to match.

N Dhananjay
9-Aug-2001, 15:14
Tie dye carpets, anyone? DJ

Sorin Varzaru
9-Aug-2001, 20:32
Scissors? :-)