View Full Version : macro lens for all-around use?

James Chow
18-Mar-1999, 21:37
I have Schneider 90/4 apo macro-symmar that I use for my Rollei 6008 for not only macro, but all-around use. It's sharper than my non-macro lenses, even for objects at infinity. I'm wondering if one can use a LF lens, say a 180mm macro symmar, and expect similar results for all-around use?

Bob Salomon
19-Mar-1999, 00:25
No. The 90 has a floating element to optimize it but it is not a true macro as it only focuses to 1/2 life size.

Large format macro lenses like the Rodenstock Apo Macro Sironar 120 and 180 or the Apo Macro Sironar Digital 120mm or the Schneiders are optimized for a range from greater to 1:1 to less than 1:1. For instance the Apo Macros are optimized for 1:5 to 5:1. They are unexcelled performers at macro ranges but there are better optics for 1:5 to in

Brian Ellis
31-Mar-1999, 20:01
The G Claron lenses are optimized for 1-1 but also work well at distances to infinity. They apparently are single coated (notwithstanding the Calumet catalog statement to the contrary) but I've never had any problem with this. They also are quite small and light, which is nice for back packing.