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Martin Kapostas
8-Aug-2001, 02:05
Hi all,

First I would say thanks to everyone who help me with my questions, but the foru m is about that, isn't it ? : )

My question is that I am preparing to take a trip to Mountains. I am missing a r ed filter which I want use to darken the sky. I thought that i may use my polari zer insteed. What you think ?


William Marderness
8-Aug-2001, 09:39
Try a yellow filter and a polarizer together. If the sun is positioned right, this can give an effect that is similar to a red filter, but you won't lose all the shadow detail, like a red filter. Red filters kill shadow detail.

Kevin M Bourque
8-Aug-2001, 09:45
Hi Martin -

The polarization effect is strongest 90 degrees from the sun. So, if you are using a very wide lens, the degree of polarization in the sky can vary considerably. It can be very obvious at times.

If you're using black and white, you might try an orange filter. Less contrast in the sky, but it doesn't darken the foliage quite as much, either.

Enjoy the mountains!

paul owen
9-Aug-2001, 04:44
Hi Martin, I second the advice that a red filter can really block up shadows and can often lead to a soot and whitewash effect! I leave an orange filter on my lens for 99% of my landscapes and find it gives a real natural look ie good seperation in clouds/sky as well as keeping detail in shadows - give it a try. Regards

Emile J Schwarz
9-Aug-2001, 21:02
If you are b&w shooting landscapes with a lot of dark green trees and bushes, you mite try a Yellow Green (X11) filter. It darkens the sky a bit while brighting up dark green folage.