View Full Version : Autotime Scale for cameras

Jay Kay
7-Aug-2001, 22:01
The Autotime scales appear in the 1908 Burke & James catalog, and the illustration shows "pat'd" on the scale, so this must have been printed after th e patent date. The first mention by Kodak is in the June 1909 Trade Circular se nt to dealers, which "took pleasure in announcing that we have purchased the Aut otime Scale business and patents, and all orders for the goods should hereafter be directed to us..."

I have aquired a copy of the patent U. S. number 883607 dated March 31st 1908, F rank S. Andrews resident of the U.S. inventor. What I am trying to determine is this the patent that covers "AUTOTIME PAT 1908" that is listed on the index plat e of the early VPK's. The patent does not list Kodak as the assignor or mention the word AUTOTIME but lists an Elmer Francis Cassel of London as the assignor. Did these people work for Eastman of did he buy the patent from them. If you can help me on this please let me know. Also ded Frank Andrews work for Burke & James? Thanks, Jay