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Francis Ware
20-Feb-2009, 12:15

I have a large collection of HP5+ film, given by a dealer some time ago. It is an odd size, 18x24cms; I am keen to find a couple of dark slide/film holders as I want to use the film before its too late. Any help with this would be appreciated. The film, though technically out of date, shows only slight fogging.

Drew Wiley
20-Feb-2009, 12:26
This is a standard European and Japanese film size, and ordinary Fidelity holders should
be available for it if you look overseas. Or perhaps try Badger graphic.

Francis Ware
20-Feb-2009, 13:17
Many thanks for your suggestion. I have not come across this size in the UK before. I usually work with 5x7 or the near variants and also 5x4.

20-Feb-2009, 13:25
Check ebay.de for example - there are a few items there now.

Francis Ware
20-Feb-2009, 15:58
Thanks for that. Would you know the German for dark slide/film holder? There are some 165 pages of camera stuff for sale and I have just looked at 25 of them, but no film holders yet.

Gene McCluney
20-Feb-2009, 16:11
Uh do you have a camera that will accept the darkslides?

20-Feb-2009, 16:15
Try under.........Flachfilmkassetten ................ or close to that, I am rusty on my German....
9x12 and 18x24 are mostly used in Germany, Austria.
In Holland 4x5 and 8x10 inch are common.


20-Feb-2009, 16:18
Even easier: type 18x24 and find !

Gene McCluney
20-Feb-2009, 16:37
You will need a camera that can take an 18x24cm holder, otherwise you won't be able to shoot the film. You "could" just put some double-sided sticky-tape in an 8x10 inch film holder to hold the slightly smaller film and shoot the film with a readily available 8x10 camera. Or, you could cut it (in total darkness) down to 5x7 for use in 5x7 inch darkslides to use with a 5x7 camera. Many, many people cut larger film down to smaller sizes successfully.

Francis Ware
21-Feb-2009, 02:58
Thanks for suggestions everyone. Actually I am making pinhole cameras for this film, since I dont have an 18x24 back. The dark slides would obviously mean I could go out with more film and take more shots. I havnt found anything on ebay yet, using the German or Dutch words, but using 18x24 has shown a few old plate cameras.

21-Feb-2009, 03:26
Try words Planfilmkassette(n), Doppelkassette(n) or just Kassette(n). Trailing n is for plural. The outside dimensions of modern 18x24 and 8x10 film holders are identical so they are interchangeable.

Andreas B
21-Feb-2009, 16:56
If you want to find large format stuff on German eBay, try the category "Foto & Camcorder > Foto-Zubehör > Großbildformat". Yes, that's an "accessory" category but it's the only large format photo category here so everything, including cameras and lenses, can be found there.

The only current auction for 18x24 holders I can find is #260364430896. The seller in that auction (secondhandcamera) is not operating solely through eBay, so you might want to contact them for possible items that are not currently listed.

All 18x24 holders fit in 8x10 backs when they're both of the standardized international type. Same with 9x12 and 4x5 as well as 13x18 and 5x7. 9x12 and 18x24 seem to have fallen out of favor since the inch formats have a bit more film area, so you will find holders for these relatively cheap. 13x18 on the other hand is bigger than 5x7 and the situation is not as clear there.

Francis Ware
25-Feb-2009, 14:34
Thanks for the advice, Andreas. I watched the auction and was eventually outbid. There is a single darkslide available from France, so I may have a shot at that. Incidentally I believe you can buy a new Fidelity 18x24 from a shop in Berlin, but the price is prohibitive. I'll keep looking.