View Full Version : Graphic 23 6X7 roll film back for 4X5 - need loading instruction

James Ring Pepoon
7-Aug-2001, 18:52
I am looking for instructions on loading a "Graphic 23" 6X7 roll film back for a 4X5 camera.

I just purchased the back (with no film in it) so need instructions on the prope r loading procedure.

Thank you!


Jim (Jpepoon@aol.com)

David Haardt
8-Aug-2001, 04:04
Note: I took this answer from graflex.org - it of course works, but just that you know that it's not my own text.


Advance the the counter by winding until you get past 12. You'll notice that the counter stops moving.

Now turn the holder upside down and look at the inside top, you'll see an arrow on the left side. Load the film, thread the leader to the take up spool and wind the film until the arrows on the leader match the arrow on the holder. Close it holder.

Move the counter dial by hand one notch. This engages the knob winder again. the index point should be in the middle of the arrow on the counter.

Wind the film with the knob (or lever) until it reaches one. It should stop at this point.

Mount the holder on the camera, remove the darkslide, expose the film, replace the darkslide.

Now mover the Chrome lever on top to the left. advance the knob until it stops at the next exposure.

Occassionally these holders suffer from poor advancing and can overlap exposures. Try to find some out dated film from somebody that is effectively useless to take pictures. Load this roll with the darkslide open and mark the frame of the insert on the film with a sharpie (trace the frame on the film) Then move to the next, trace, advance, trace, etc.

The remove the film and check how well it advances. This can save a lot of tears and frustration out in the field.