View Full Version : 8x10 spring back dimensions

20-Feb-2009, 04:40

It's hard to get 8x10 here in Russia at reasonable price, so i've decided to build it myself. The main problem now is the dimensions for the back. I found some information about 8x10 film holders, but it is confusing. For example retaining tab location is 10.85", but distance to exposure field plus exposure height is 10.801", it means that retaining tab is only 0.049" far away from exposure field (on pictures of holders it looks more far away). To my pitty i don't have any holder yet to measure myself. Could you measure any of your spring back (GG frame and back self) and provide such information?

Thanks in advance.

Jim Jones
20-Feb-2009, 18:40
Try http://home.earthlink.net/~eahoo/page8/filmhold.html.