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20-Feb-2009, 00:29
I have the exact same camera that's shown here:

I'd like to use rollfilm with this camera. Can someone show me how the groundglass comes off. I have a Sinar, and have used Linhofs earlier, so I know how to take off the groundglass on those cameras. But this one has me scratching my head. Help please!


Bob Salomon
20-Feb-2009, 06:31
Wista designed their spring backs to open extremely wide, much wider then most other cameras, this is so you can slip a roll film back into the camera and eliminates the need for a Graflok back.

Wista's own roll backs for these cameras have a flat metal plate on the top of the back to keep the gg from rubbing against the back. (Wista makes backs with and without this protection plate.

Should you rather have the Graflok back on your camera Wista does offer one as an accessory. It does add some weight to your camera though.

20-Feb-2009, 06:47

Thanks for the reply. The camera I have looks exactly like the one posted here:
Darryl seems to have been able to mount a Graflok style back on his camera and says "before the current owner figured out how to use the graflok back properly". I've sent Darryl a message and hope to hear from him. If I could remove the groundglass, a Graflok back would fit - the clips and appropriate grooves are present.


Darryl Baird
20-Feb-2009, 08:50
I'm coming out of self-exile from participation in the daily forum (my protest against the heavy handed Lounge discussions policy) to help a fellow photog and add to the LF knowledge base/archive.

... down off the soapbox.

Kumar, you can slide the back under the back as Bob indicated, but risk friction marks on the ground-glass or fresnel.

I'm attaching two sets of images to illustrate the technique for removing the glass and inserting a graflock back.

Illustration 1, L>R
a. normal position
b. lift back and then lift spring bars (much easier with two hands free!)
c. back is loose and easily lifted out

Illustration 2, L>R
a. drop in back
b. push black locking bar downwards
c. notice the tabs that have extended to secure the back... sit back and admire the Japanese ingenuity and shoot you roll film :)

20-Feb-2009, 17:32

Thanks! Cigar or coconut, your choice!


Darryl Baird
20-Feb-2009, 20:08
don't smoke, love fresh coconut milk and meat...I once had some in Hawaii and felt terribly exotic (hey, I was seventeen at the time).