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Alex Wei
19-Feb-2009, 21:46
I just got my hands on a bigger packard shutter, 3 and half inch opening with sync and instantaneous exposure capability. I kind of know how this shutter works, you squeeze the bulb to open it, release the bulb to close it, with the pin in, one quick squeeze open and close the shutter for about 1/25 second exposure.

Now, the one I have works like this:

The pin is not a factor, it does the same thing no matter its in or out. One squeeze open and close the shutter, give 1/25 second exposure. One gentle squeeze (very gentle, like take a feather off the forehead of a sleeping lion :) need exercise to get it right), open the shutter, another squeeze close it and reset the shutter.

Can any one explain what happened to this shutter? It's usable but need a lot more exercise to get it right and I can't use different hand to squeeze because the force is different:(



20-Feb-2009, 03:28
Many times the pin hole has a screw in it to convert to always instantaneous. sometimes you can remove it for slow shutter speeds.

Alex Wei
21-Feb-2009, 10:08
Don't have time to take the shutter apart yet, but thanks for the tip, Bill

21-Feb-2009, 10:16
it is fairly simple. once you open it up you will see the solution. should take you 10 min start to finsih.

bill is right. i found a very small 1/2 nail in mine keeping it on Inst