View Full Version : Oops, bought a damned Petzval.

19-Feb-2009, 14:26
Hey, the price was right. Came in from New Zealand today. It's a Dallmeyer Series XII projection petzval, 5 1/2". Vignettes on 4x5 until I focus close. Lots of swirl in the bokeh if I want to put it there.

Question though: the frontmost of the two rear elements is in its own threaded barrel that screws into the rear housing. I can unscrew it to introduce that fuzzness that people rave about, but the rearmost element is then loose (ie, the housing for the frontmost rear element is also the retainer for the rearmost element). Is there a straightforward way to add something to hold the rear element in place if you want to introduce softness?


Gonna go play with it this afternoon. There are a couple of shots that I'd like to try it out with.

19-Feb-2009, 15:03
Congrats on your new glass. Please do post some swirl! ;)


19-Feb-2009, 22:26
Got some swirlie photos souping right now. Should be posting in an hour or so. Fun little lens.

20-Feb-2009, 00:36



Fun stuff :)

20-Feb-2009, 05:33
seems like you got it worked out.

did you unscrew it at all or is this "normal"?

oh! some one in another thread just suggested using a o ring for a spacer.

20-Feb-2009, 06:35
Try putting the back element on the front and using that alone. You should get a lens with about a 9" focal length.

20-Feb-2009, 10:42
Love the tree branch!

Bjorn Nilsson
20-Feb-2009, 15:59
Hmm, I got a similar lens looking at me, wondering when it's about to perform. Seems like I got my weekend done. No leaves alive in Sweden this time of the year though. :)


20-Feb-2009, 18:11
Did you misspell "Swill?"

20-Feb-2009, 18:19
Did you misspell "Swill?"

Hah! Friendly guy ;)

Paul Metcalf
20-Feb-2009, 22:55
sheez, walter23, kick a** on those, especially the first.

Dave Aharonian
20-Feb-2009, 23:13
Nice find Walter! You shouldn't have to taker the rear elements apart to introduce the swirliness. I have a few petzvals and I find that people take the rear elements apart to clean them and then put them back in the wrong way. I just got an old DErogy petzval that had no swirly background until I took the rear elements apart and reversed the inner of the 2 elements. Result? Lots of swirly background! Give it a try. And see you tomorrow!