View Full Version : Ektar f:4.7/127mm lens filters/shade adapter

Merg Ross
6-Aug-2001, 19:09

I would like to fit filters and a lens shade to a 127mm Ektar. Is there an adapt er available for this purpose/perhaps a step up ring to accomodate 49mm filters?

Appreciate any help.

Merg Ross

Robert A. Zeichner
6-Aug-2001, 21:13
I believe that lens requires a 38mm slip on adapter ring. These are available used at camera shows and accommodate a series 6 filter of which there are tons available used. You might be able to find something to convert series 6 to 49mm, but I haven't seen anything like this ready to use. Hope this helps.

Jay Nabholz
6-Aug-2001, 22:10
Merg, I have a couple of similar lens for an old crown graphic. I took a couple of scratched filters with a 49 mm thread , and carefully discarded the filter, saving the ring. Then I carefully glued it onto my lens with a few drops of clear G.E. silicone caulk. On another lens I found an old adapter at a camera store that helped fill the void, and glued it all together. I also use 35mm Olympus cameras which have 49mm threads. Now I only need 1 size of filters. I hope this gives you some ideas.

David F. Stein
7-Aug-2001, 02:43
Go with the old: you can find adapters for a wide range of vintage lenses (and they easily expand out or pinch in): the largest Series VI is something like 41.5mm to VI. Then once you have a set of filters and a lens hood (which are excellent), it's mix and match. Mike's Place through Equinox Photographic is a good source of these kinds of items

8-Aug-2001, 15:33
I found the old correct slip-on series 6 rings for each of my old lenses. I then bought a series 6 to 49 adapter ring, which I actually step up again to 52mm. That way I use my same filters and shades on the old Ektars as on the new lenses. I think I ended up with something like three or four different slip-on sizes for the old lenses. I even came up with one for my little Graphic 2x3 lens. Goodwin Photo in San Diego has drawers full of the old slip-on series 6 rings, probably the ones you need. They have a web site, you would have to search for it. You might have to get a couple by measurement that are close, and see which one works best. They often can be bent a little to tighten them if needed. Good luck. Chris