View Full Version : Shutter opening is smaller than rear glass

17-Feb-2009, 23:51

What would i miss if place a shutter with a smaller opening behind a lens?
I had Dallmeyer 3b and wanted to use it with a sinar shutter. Rear lens is about 90mm and shutter opening only 75mm. Will it work together? Does it inpact on maximum aperture only?


Peter K
18-Feb-2009, 01:10
A smaller opening impacts the aperture only if this opening is in the aperture plane. In your case you will get vignetting, the image circle will be smaller.

18-Feb-2009, 01:33

Struan Gray
18-Feb-2009, 04:48
Peter is right, but the vignetting can be negligable at small apertures, and perfectly livable with compared to the vignetting you get anyway at wide ones. I've used a Sinar shutter snugged up behind a Verito with a similarly-sized rear element to your Dallmeyer and the combination worked well.