View Full Version : Schneider WA Lens question

bob moulton
25-Jun-2001, 20:59
Question about the 72mm Super Angulon, the 80 mm Super Symmar XL. I understand the differences in angle of coverage and image circle( 226 and 212 , 115 and 105 respectively.) In the real world, on a 4x5 field camera, a Wisner with bag bellows that can accomodate either lens, using such a lens for architec tural shots, interiors, and some landscapes, how much more can I cover with the 72mm than with the 80mm? I realize a price diference exists between the lenses, and that filters for the 72mm are difficult to obtain and to pay for(!), so I am ruling out price, except for the filters as a variable. Thanks in advance for help.


paul owen
27-Jun-2001, 15:12
Bob, IMHO the biggest question that needs to be answered when considering these lenses is "do I want the extra weight/bulk of the 72XL". Sure the 72 will give more coverage, but if I was looking for a lens to do the job you mention, I would look no further than the 80, in fact it is the next item on my "to buy" list!!. Despite being a newer design, the benefits of smaller size and smaller filters(a real factor - have you seen the cost of those big'uns!) would convince me! Just a few thoughts!! Best of luck Paul