View Full Version : Weight of 250mm (10") WF Ektar?

Kerry L. Thalmann
6-Aug-2001, 02:24
I've also posted this in rec.photo.equipment.large-format, but thought I'd ask h ere too.

I sold my 250mm WF Ektar a while back, but now need a fairly accurate weight fig ure for this lens for an article I am writing.

So, if anyone out there has one of these classic lenses and a reasonably accurat e scale (a postal scale accurate to the nearest 1/4 oz. or 5 g would be sufficie nt), I'd appreciate it if you could weigh the lens and either post the result he re or email it to me at largeformat@thalmann.com

I'm not looking for estimates or even specs, but the actual weight of a 250mm WF Ektar in a No. 5 Ilex shutter (just the weight of the lens, shutter and mounting flange - no lensboard or caps).

Thanks in advance for any help.