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24-Jun-2001, 20:49
hi there -

i was wondering if anyone has happened upon a website that lists technical information about older rodenstock lenses - like their 7 element plasmat type lens. i went to the company website, thinking that it might have that sort of stuff on it, but struck-out.

thanks in advance!! - john

neil poulsen
25-Jun-2001, 05:21
There's lots of information on this site regarding various lenses, including Rodenstocks. See the home page under lenses. There is no Rodenstock webpage like the one that Schneider has provided. Amazing, but true.

A plasmat is a six element lens. To what lens were you referring? Do you know the name?

25-Jun-2001, 12:01
i have searched the pages here and not really come up with the information i was looking for - oh well - ... i gotta hand it to schneider, their web page is great!

- john

adam friedberg
25-Jun-2001, 22:18
maybe he's referring to the apo sironar w which has, i think, 7e in 5g. if so i have been looking for info on these for a while with no luck.

Bob Salomon
26-Jun-2001, 09:30
What info do you need specifically?

26-Jun-2001, 13:22
hi bob - i am looking for any information that i can find about this lens ... -john

adam friedberg
26-Jun-2001, 18:19
i've been looking for mtf's, rel. illumination, distortion charts - the kind of info rodenstock has on its current lines. all i've found are image circles and filter sizes.